joshMy name is Joshua Smith, and I am a graduate student at Boise State University.  Presently, I work as the Technical Director for Mitchell + Palmer, a full-service creative agency in Boise, Idaho. In short, I spend most of my time developing marketing campaigns and training clients on the creative and technological strategies we develop for their organizations.  Essentially, I decided to attend Boise State’s EDTECH program to aid in further developing my professional skills so that I could one day become an online teacher or trainer.

Essentially, my personal objective for continuing my education was to further develop my knowledge and skills in the field of educational technology. In other words, I would like this MET degree to aid me in integrating technology for curriculum enhancement. In short, I consider finding the appropriate multimedia resource for a specific, educational situation a passion of mine. In fact, the prospect of being able to motivate students with the aid of the proper, educational technology is exciting to me.

Additionally, I often find myself incorporating what I have learned in the classroom into my daily profession. Therefore, with my professional goal of becoming a trainer for a large technology corporation in mind, I am hoping to not only provide myself with a better education through an exciting degree, but to also gain a better understanding of educational technology in general. In fact, my experiences with technology in an educational setting are becoming more frequent. Essentially, I currently utilize educational technology in my profession when trying to determine the appropriate technology to use in my teaching and training. Nevertheless, although I have had some experience using technology in education, I believe I could further refine my skills to ensure the overall objective and purpose of each educational technology tool best serves the curriculum I create.