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artifact 3

The third artifact I believe helped me greatly with my growth in learning and with my training in a professional setting is EDTECH 541’s Video Enhanced Lesson Plan & Video Library. In short, videos, if integrated wisely and well, can be a powerful media tool in the classroom. Thousands of educational videos are available online and can be used to demonstrate experiments, explain concepts, show historical events, and engage students visually in ways unheard of before now. Ultimately, this artifact in this course became one of the defining activities for my EDTECH education. In other words, it was one of the first times I was able to combine the creative, educational technology tools I had been studying with the logical, learning theories I had been executing. In a way, this was combining my new understanding of instructional design with the use of pre-existing materials to create a new lesson plan to teach students in a different yet engaging way. In fact

In fact, there are an endless number of ways to exploit video in order to create motivating, memorable and inclusive learning experiences. However, one thing I have learned after using this type of assignment professionally is that watching a video can also be a passive experience that requires different teaching methods that must be used to springboard student action and interaction with the assignment. Fortunately, video is also exciting, and typically requires only a little encouragement before students are willing to dive in and learn something new.

Overall, this assignment was great because it placed you in the thought process of both the student and the teacher. By collecting, watching, and studying videos for a library, I was able to understand the skill in finding legal and valuable resources that translate the intended goals and objectives of my specific lesson plan. Additionally, by creating the lesson plan, I was able to envision how the students would use the videos to explore art history, artistic techniques, and artistic terminology to gain an umbrella idea of how to combine old world techniques with new world techniques to create their own unique work.