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artifact 4

Lastly, the final artifact I found to be the most beneficial to my learning and professional career was the Virtual Field Trip assignment completed in EDTECH 502. In short, not only did it require me to understand HTML and CSS coding to complete it, but it also gave me another example of how educational technology could be used to create dynamic, educational lessons.

In short, virtual field trips can be amazing learning experiences. They provide students with the opportunity to actively participate in education, offering learning possibilities that are not readily available in the classroom. Fortunately, in my personal experience, virtual field trips allow my colleagues to explore various museums and famous art pieces without the obstacles like budgets, location, transportation, time, and resource restrictions. In essence, virtual field trips let my students explore the world of art right from their desktop.

Ultimately, this not only opened a world of learning for my students, but it also allowed me to target multiple learning styles to reinforce the new knowledge through various multimedia elements.