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Overall, my MET coursework has been a successful blend of academic excellence and hands-on experience. Combining theoretical coursework, case studies, group work and real-life application, the coursework has helped me to learn and understand how individuals learn. In short, this growth has enabled me to pull together my experience as a student and teacher and expand on the areas in which I am most interested as well as introduce me to fresh ideas, research and concepts that are developing every day. With a wide range of both theoretical and practical modules, the MET program has quenched my thirst for intellectual stimulation and teaching skill improvement. In short, I see it as an invaluable contribution to my career and outlook on teaching as a whole. Ultimately, I hope to find myself incorporating even more of what I have learned in the classroom into my daily profession. Therefore, with my professional goal of becoming an online trainer for a large technology corporation in mind, I am hoping to not only provide myself with a better education through an exciting degree, but to also gain a better understanding of educational technology now and in the future. Thanks for watching.