EDTECH 501 – School Evaluation Summary

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Direct Link: School Evaluation Summary


After many hours of research and investigation, I truly believe I began to get a more in-depth analysis of the current state of technology and its use at Chuck Darwin Elementary.  In fact, what I first believed would only be a topical outline or sketch of technology use at my selected school turned out to be a comprehensive exam of the multiple areas responsible for the state of technology at Chuck Darwin Elementary.  Essentially, this examination exposed a large number of areas that need improvement as well as some policing.  Furthermore, it also identified a few sections that are already exceptional examples of technology use in education.  Therefore, I hope that this research can become learning tool itself by providing other educators a detailed look at how each decision and action can result in an expected or unexpected outcome at their campus.

Standards Assessment

This assignment supports AECT standards 4.1, 5.1, 5.3 and 5.4.

In short, it meets Standard 4.1 – Project Management by requiring planning and monitoring of a research subject to facilitate better instructional design and developmental projects.  Additionally, Standard 5.1 – Problem Analysis is met by this project foundational nature of determining problem areas of a school by gathering information.  Next, Standard 5.3 – Formative and Summative Evaluation is supported by the assignments information gathering on adequacy and using this information for development and decision-making.  Lastly, Standard 5.4 – Long Range Planning is continually met by the project’s addressing of the future of technology use and implementation within an institution.