EDTECH 513 – Project 2: Podcasting

The “Design of the Times” Podcast | Click to Listen.

Specifically, the “Design of the Times” podcast series was created to address a missing link in the field of podcasts. In other words, it examines how design and art is used to impact the world and culture around us. In short, it takes snapshots of what current artists are creating to positively impact or cause change in the world around them. Each week, “Design of the Times” selects a theme and highlights a select few artist to track their work and progress on specific compositions created to utilize cultural resources in an effective and engaging way.

This week’s episode of “Design of the Times” entitled, “Making the Rules” examines how structure and system, often thought a detriment to the creative process, can be used to create new and astonishing works of art. Specifically, we look at subjects like systems of a response, factory systems, the artist as a filter, art engines, and mutable pictures. Additionally, we examine works from artists John Cage, Andy Warhol, Danica Phelps, Jens Hoffman, and more. Thus, click on our link and listen now, and we’ll show you the “Design of the Times.”


Essentially, this project addresses the Standard 1.2 Message Design of the AECT Standards because it involves planning for the manipulation of the physical form of the message. Specifically, the audio message created for this podcast was edited and changed for the final production. Additionally, this podcast also address Standard 2.4 Integrated Technologies. In essence, this podcast was produced and delivered using several different forms of media under the control of a single computer.