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Hi! My name is Joshua Smith, and welcome to my EDTECH portfolio reflection video. As a technical director and designer for a large marketing agency, I engaged in several years of “professional development” before transitioning to the role of a trainer or technology integration specialist. In short, since starting my studies at Boise State University, I have recently been given my first opportunity to design and facilitate technology learning sessions for my colleagues. By helping my fellow employees become active learners, I have utilized the learning and professional growth lessons I have obtained during my studies to not only advance my knowledge, but also my career.

Essentially, during my time at Boise State University, I have learned some universal truths that have helped me continually improve my learning. In short, I learned that whether you are a student or teacher, it always pays to be prepared, organized, and willing to ask questions. In other words, by engaging in the necessary prep work, setting dates aside for the course, and asking questions for clarification; an individual can better identify their learning style. Whether it is visual, auditory, or kinesthetic; knowing how you learn is extremely important in growing both academically and professionally.